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321 South 5th Street
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Telephone: 812-649-2591
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High School

1142 N. Orchard Road
Rockport, IN 47635
FAX: 812-649-2214

Middle School
1298 N. Orchard Road
Rockport, IN 47635
FAX: 812-649-9630
Rockport Elementary
200 South Sixth Street
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Luce Elementary

1057 N., Co. Rd. 700 W.
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2953 West Co. Rd. 150 North Rockport, IN 47635
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South Spencer E-Learning Day!

February 10th has been designated as our second eLearning day! Here are some things you need to know…

Due to the snow day, elearning assignments will be extended 1 day to Wednesday (02/14).  Teachers with office hours listed on the snow day, will email new new hours to parents or students.

·      Assignments:  Your child will receive information on Tuesday (2/06) afternoon and it will be due on the following Tuesday (2/13).  Some elementary teachers have included an instruction sheet for students and parents along with their office hours.

·      Office Hours:  Teachers will offer at least 4 hours outside the school day to answer questions you may have.  For at least 2 of those hours, the teacher will be available at school, by email, or by school phone.  Click on your school’s link below to see each teacher’s hours.  At-school hours will be highlighted in yellow.  The email-only hours will be highlighted in green.

High School

Middle School

Luce Elementary

Rockport Elementary

·      Computer Labs: 

Wed. / Thurs. before the eLearning day

Computer labs will be open from 3-5 pm

Saturday-Designated eLearning day

Computer labs will be open from 9-11 am

Monday after the eLearning day

Computer labs will be open from 3-5 pm

·      Questions:  If you have questions about your child’s homework, please contact the teacher based on his/her office hours (explained above).