• Principal’s Message

Jim Bush, Principal


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The 2019 - 2020 school year looks to be one of the most exciting years in recent history. With our $18 Million renovation coming to a close SSHS will have one of the most up - to - date schools in Southwest Indiana. From new science labs, to Band & Choir rooms, to an Athletic Complex with a new Soccer/Track facility, our students will certainly benefit from everything that has been put together in the last two years. Enthusiasm is present from the faculty, staff and students. There truly is an appreciation for what has been done to make this a first class campus.   

We have challenged our students this year with two projects: The first is to show off our renovated school and secondly to demonstrate our thanks to the community for their support by putting education first. Project 1: We have four Senior Student Council members who are putting together a Lip Dub/School Video includes 40+ groups/clubs/teams. Project 2: On May first all students from Freshmen to Seniors will be involved in a day of community service. Each class will select their own project and we will spend a large portion of our day giving back.

Last spring the faculty and administration worked together to form an activity period in the middle of the day to facilitate the many needs of our students without an interruption to the academic school day. We call it ‘KRUNCH TIME’. It is a homeroom, activity, study hall, club time all rolled into one. Here students can work on Knowledge, Remediation, Understanding, Networking, Clubs, Homework.

This is year 36 for me in education. I am excited and proud to be a part of Rebel Nation.   Please stop by and see all the great new facilities we have to offer.   


Jim Bush