ISTEP Dates and Times

Parents / Guardians,
The multiple choice portion of ISTEP is approaching.  All testing will take place during the morning hours.  Below are the days each grade level will be testing.Thanks for your help in having your student at school on these days!
6th grade - April 29 through May 1st
7th grade - May 7th through May 9th
8th grade - May 5th and 6th

To Parents/ Guardians of SSMS students:

As you know, we launched an exciting new curricular initiative this year with the introduction of Ipads to our students and staff.   Our corporation sees this initiative as being a tremendous opportunity for students to learn in a way that is relevant, engaging, and highly familiar to them.   As we progress toward having constant access to information and the ability to connect, learning extends beyond the instructional class period to where classroom participants can collaborate, create and seek information at any time.   I am confident that our one-to-one Ipad initiative will help us:

  1. Enhance already successful student learning.
  2. Provide advanced digital learning and teaching tools to teachers and their students.
  3. Enable our students to evaluate and understand the value of information and ideas in the digital world.
  4. Guide students toward successful and responsible communication in a world that now includes digital communication.
  5. Enhance the strong communities now present in our classrooms by introducing new technologies to complement historically successful teaching methods.

Yours in Education,

 J. Wilson, Principal

21st Century Scholarship Information

Your child may be eligible for a college scholarship! Now is the time to start planning. All 7th and 8th grade student at SSMS can apply for the Twenty-First Century Scholarship Program. If the student qualifies and is enrolled he/she will be awarded full tuition to any Indiana college. To be eligible the student must be a resident of Indiana, U.S. Citizen, or eligible non-citizen, be enrolled in grade 7 or 8, and meet income requirements. To read more or to see if your student is eligible, please contact Mrs. Lawalin at 649-2203 or check out the website at This is a VERY good opportunity for our students.

Credit Card Lunch Account Payments - Make online credit card payments to student lunch accounts by logging into Harmony.  Click "Pay On-line" and enter your credit card information. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.